About Expendere

Expendere, is a free to use and simple expense tracker. Our aim is to help people to manage their finance wisely.

Expendere currently support the following features:

  • Track income and expense
  • Budgeting (Unlimited)
  • Bills (Recurring trasaction)
  • Dashboards
    • Show income and expense distribution across different categories.
    • Show amount of income and expense everyday or months
  • Filter and Search Entries

Another expense tracker?

There are so many awesome expense tracking application out there. They have beautiful charts, budgeting features, smart suggestion and more awesome features to manage finance effectively. But,

  • All of them cost you money.
  • As a student, or fresh graduates, who are still financially unstable, it could be better if these features, tools are free.

Hence, I started to build this expense tracker for myself, and anybody who can’t afford to purchase monthly subscriptions of others applications.

If it is free, how do you sustain the operation costs?

Currently, there are no costs involved other than my time. However, in the future, several costs such as:

  • Domain names
  • Hosting Fees
  • Email Services

will be incur when the amount of users increase. In that scenario, there are two ways to go:

  • Donations
    • If it is donation based, in the future, there will be a page that show the total donations received from all the amazing people here.
  • Monetize
    • Probably, will have a free and basic tier. Not much plan on monetization.

The Technology behind Expendere

It is build with love with Rails, Preact and Bulma. The illustration used is all from unDraw. A huge thanks to all of the above party.