Frequestly Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Why should I use Expendere?

It includes all the basic features one need to track and analyse their expenese. Unlimited budgeting and bills (recurring transaction) is also available. The only thing, we lack of, is a mobile application. We temporarily substitute it with the use of Telegram Bot, to allow user to record their expense through the use of mobile.

2. Why is it free?

The only cost that incurs to me is my time and energy. Currently, it is still hosted on a free dynos in heroku. So, for the time being it doesn’t cost me anything other than my time and energy.

3. Are you selling my data?

No. I have no interest over selling your data for money.

4. How are you going to maintain your cost of operations in the future?

If the user base increased (I highly doubt so, hahahha), there are two options, I am considering to take:

  • Donations. As long as the donations cover the cost of operation, I am totally fine with keeping it free.
  • Monetization. If donations don’t work, I might consider monetize it. But I promise, all the core features will still be avaiable for free plan. The paid plan will also be keep at minimum to ensure that it doesn’t cost a burden to your living cost.

5. Will it be open source?

It depends. If there are sponsors or enough donations, I am considering to open source the code. Or even writing about the process of building this application if I have enough time.

6. What happen to my data when the application close down in the future?

As long as I can support the cost of the application. I promise you I won’t close down the application. The worst case scenario, before closing down, I would have added the ability to export and import all your data. Then, open source the code with steps on deploying it to your own server.

7. You promise a lots of things. Why should I trust you?

You shouldn’t. But why I want to lie to you?

8. Can I contribute anything?

Yes. You can:

  • Donate me some money as my living expenses.
  • Design logo for Expendere. You own the logo right.
  • Send me leads on Web Development.

I would be very grateful for that.

9. What is the Tech Stack used to build Expendere?

It is build with love with Rails, Preact and Bulma. The illustration used is all from unDraw. A huge thanks to all of the above party.

10. Something wrong with the API/documentation.

Oops, I am sorry. Send an email to me regarding the issues. The public API is still a work in progress.

More questions? Send me an email at